Miss Lucy

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Description : Miss Lucy cream with an integrated effectiveness by natural ingredients ( Cactus extract enriched with vitamin K- Allantoin - panthenol) ,  contains also natural Pearl extract and SPF30+  for higher skin protection from dangerous free radicals from the sun during your day.Miss Lucy also has an anti inflammatory effect that's why it reduces skin irritation or redness , nourishes the skin and protect it from aging , cells damage , scars and all external factors . Miss Lucy contains ingredients also guarantee to keep your skin moisturized long period during the day ,guarantee  balanced skin and refine wide pores . Miss Lucy formulated for all skin types and specially for dry skin . 

Usage: use cream Miss Lucy twice per day , you will see the perfect result after one week of regular use . you can use it for Elbow and knee darkened areas


 Natural Pearl extract- Cactus extract- Allantoin - Panthenol- vitamin E - vitamin C  -SPF30+